AlphaServer GS60 Specifications

Family / Variant Turbolaser / ?
Introduced October, 1998
Base Price 199,990 USD
Enclosure Cabinet
CPU Features
CPU / Clock Speed 21264 (EV6) / 525 MHz
Number of CPUs[1] 2 to 6
Cache Size on Chip 64K I-cache
64K D-cache
Secondary Cache -
B-cache 4 MB / CPU
In-cabinet Upgrades CPU, memory, I/O
tpmC @ $/tpmC ?
SPECint95 27.8
SPECfp95 42.5
Memory / Storage
Memory[1] 4 GB to 12 GB
Internal Disk Bays 7 to 28
Internal Disk Storage 4.3 GB to 509.6 GB
Total Disk Storage 85 TB
Removable Media Bays 2
Removable Media 600 MB CD-ROM
Standard I/O
1 console port, Fast SCSI[2], Ultra SCSI[2], 10/100 Mb Ethernet[2]
I/O Slots[1,3] 12 to 132:
  • 12 to 132 PCI32
  • ? EISA (optional)
Max. I/O Throughput PCI: 1260 MB/s
EISA: 33 MB/s
Audio & Video
2D/3D graphics
10/100 Mb Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, Token Ring, ATM, sync/async. communications, Memory Channel
Fast SCSI, Fast Wide Differential SCSI, Ultra Wide SCSI, Ultra Wide Differential SCSI, RAID, Fibre Channel, DSSI[4], CI[4], PrestoServe™[5], DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3, CompacTape III, DLT2000, DLT4000, DLT7000, DLT8000, AIT-1, QIC-525, QIC-2GB, QIC-3210, IBM 3480/34903490E, IBM 3590, 9-track reel-to-reel, Exatape, SSD, MO-2X, MO-4X, floppy disk
Availability Features
Auto reboot, thermal management, remote system management, RAID, disk hot-swap, memory failover, ECC memory, ECC cache, CPU failover, error logging, optional redundant power system, optional battery backup, optional uninterruptible power supply
Operating Systems / Clustering
OS Support OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, Windows NT Server
TruCluster Yes
OpenVMS Cluster Yes
Hardware Partitioning No
Acoustics (LWAd / LpAm)
Idle ?
Operating ?
Operating 2,438 m (8,000 ft)
Non-operating 9,144 m (30,000 ft)
Shock (operating) ?
Vibration (operating) ?
Temperature 10-35 °C (50-95 °F)
Relative Humidity 10-90% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements
Nominal Voltage 208-240 V
Frequency Range 50-60 Hz
Max. Nominal Current 16 A
Power Source Single phase
Power Supply 2,400 W (n+1 optional)
Power Usage[6] ?
Physical Characteristics
Height 170.0 cm (67.0 in)
Width 60.0 cm (23.6 in)
Depth 92.5 cm (36.4 in)
Weight[7] 318 kg (700 lb)
1 year on-site, same-business-day, 4-hour response time
[1] System provides 5 slots for a combination of CPU, memory and I/O modules.
[2] Occupies one PCI slot.
[3] Using 3 KFTHA I/O modules.
[4] OpenVMS only.
[5] Tru64 UNIX only.
[6] "Packaged System" configuration (see SOC); halt in firmware.
[7] Minimum configuration.