Alpha Documentation Pages is a collection of web pages containing specifications, manuals, background information, images, etc. for computer systems build around the DEC/Alpha architecture. Originally designed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Alpha systems have also been developed and sold by other manufactures. These systems are also included in the Alpha Documentation Pages.

Although I've made an effort to get all the system Specifications pages complete and correct, there is still information missing. And, undoubtedly there will be some errors left. Corrections, additions, and remarks can be send to the following email address: alphadocpages@unimatrix.gomtuu.net.

Source material of the project can be retrieved from the Subversion repository at http://unimatrix.gomtuu.net/repos/alphadocpages/trunk.

The contents of the Alpha Documentation Pages are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. An exception to this are the files under the Media pages. These media files have been released as Public Domain unless noted otherwise.

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